Get over the fear of connecting and vulnerability by joining a healing circle sisterhood.

What are Healing Circles?

The BEST healing happens within a community that gets it.

If you've been struggling with feeling alone in the personal issues you are dealing with, not knowing how to find the words to ask people for help, and not trusting that people will actually be there for you on the other side of it, healing circles are for you.

Building healthy friendships and partnerships take PRACTICE. For those of us who did not have healthy examples in our families, this can be like learning another language.

In healing circles, you will be able to build that practice safely with a group of like-minded women who want to do the same.


So how does this work?

Starting a healing circle is easy!

Step 1: Connect with 3-5 current friendships that you are interested in building a deeper sisterhood connection with OR create a group from scratch with like-minded women by joining our free Black Girls Heal Facebook Group.

Step 2: After you find you group members, each woman can get their own workbook from by clicking here. Each workbook comes with detailed instructions on how to guide conversations, support each other with talking about feelings, and meeting agendas.

Step 3: Pick a date to meet every week for 12 weeks, and get started!


BONUS: For deeper study, one group member can get a Leader's Kit to have access to a supplemental video lesson that can be shared at the healing circle. This is an optional upgrade to take your healing deeper.

Grab a Workbook!


Each workbook comes with 12 dynamic lessons and discussion questions to take a deep dive into the most requested growth areas for women with intimacy disorders and unresolved trauma.

Get started with Volume 1!

In Volume 1, we talk about...  working through self love, growing vulnerability, healing our connections, jealousy, meaning what you say, self medicating, distractions, codependence, mother wounds and more!


Click here to grab your workbook on Amazon!


Join a Circle

Ready to start your transformation?

Learning how to open up to people is a vital part of getting the life that you want.

It will help you with setting boundaries, with not pushing away people who want to love you, building personal insight on what's important to you, and learning to heal the wounds around your trust.

If you need to find a group of women who are open to starting a healing circle, feel free to join our free Black Girls Heal Facebook Group to learn more.

(Make sure you answer all three of the questions to make sure you gain access).



About Our Founder

Shena Tubbs is a Relational Trauma and Love Addiction Expert & Coach based in Houston, TX. She's spent over 10 years as a licensed therapist therapist and exclusively helps women heal from love addiction and love avoidance, heal from the effects of unresolved childhood relational trauma, and improve their self love and self worth.

Via the Black Girls Heal community, Shena brings practical and relatable materials to Black women to help them improve their relationship with themselves and others.


Have Questions?

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